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About J & J

Teaching students safe driving for over 15 years!

The effort and dedication of these school officers allows us to assure that students receive first-rate, high quality training, professional and courteous service, and a pleasing and welcoming atmosphere in which to learn.

Our staff has been teaching students safe driving for over 15 years. We have a variety of programs that are licensed by the State Registry of Motor Vehicles and the Department of Telecommunications and Energy.

Our mission is to teach students the most advanced driving techniques, as well as defensive driving skills that allow students to always be in control.

To help professional drivers remain on the cutting edge of industry developments, J & J Driving School & Logistics Inc. offers the most comprehensive training program in the industry. Throughout the year, our training department offers a variety of classes and clinics. We also have a vast library of technical training tapes available to students. J & J Driving School & Logistics Inc. is the industry leader in quality training.

Our managerial and clerical staff consists of a dedicated small group of individuals who care about the school and its students. Their combined years of education and experience allow them to provide full-time, on-site supervision of the school's operations and procedures.


Margarita Graham


It is largely through Margarita's effort and expertise that the school runs smoothly each day. Among her duties, she is concerned with making certain that contracts are properly executed, communication is maintained between counselors and students, the published course syllabus is followed, and relationships between employees and students are kept efficient and cordial. In executing the above, she sits on the school's Program Advisory Committee. In general, she executes the administrative and operational policies and procedures of the school's charter.

Xiomara Hernandez


Xiomara supervises and expedites enrollment and monitors the progress and completion of all requisite paperwork for the school. She maintains students' personal files and assures confidentiality. She is also the school's ombudsman and consults closely with the school's president to handle any non-scholastic problems our students may have. Assuring that the school's learning resource system is up to date and properly accessed is among her duties. `As Human Resources Director she is responsible for assuring that employees in management and administration participate in on-going education and training to further their value to the students.

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